Writing Exercise #2: Simile

Similes are like cookies in the morning. Similes are as good as a holiday bonus during a recession, as steadfast as a fossil. Writing similes is like stripping naked with your lover and huddling under the blankets during a snowstorm….See, similes are fun! Miles and I took a prompt for finishing similes from “The Poets Companion” by Kim Addonizio and Dorianne Laux. The idea is to say something unexpected with the simile, rather than have it make a predictable connection, as if you were connecting to synonyms. I’ve italicized my endings.

tired as a bee during winter
hot as a melting iceberg
waves unfurled like textbooks opened on the first day of school
after the shelling, the town looked as if the ground was growing human body parts
disgusting as ten tons of force-fed chocolate
the child trembled like an airplane with a dying engine
the airplane rose like a child waking from a nightmare
black as the sun at 3 a.m.
he entered the room like dirt falling from a shoe to the ground
their lovemaking was like turning the page of a book, seeing the same words and yet something new


One Response to Writing Exercise #2: Simile

  1. Dana says:

    I thought this one: “the child trembled like an airplane with a dying engine” was pretty accurate. Sounds like you and Miles are having some fun experimenting with poetry.

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