Nanowrimo Day 2

OK, Nanowrimo Day 2. Thanks to everyone who has shown their support via e-mail or blog comment.

Hey, this is kind of exciting! My story is progressing nicely. I’m at 3,525 words now–I only churned out 1,412 words today, but that still puts me over what the total would be for 2 days of 1,667 words–3,334.

I’m predicting I won’t always be this happy about it, but with drive and encouragement, it will be interesting to see where I go with this.

I definitely have to learn to stop thinking so much about the writing, and just “go with it,” to pay so close attention to the act of writing itself that I get lost in it, let myself be carried away, panting and driven to the limits of my endurance, just like another activity that I’ll leave you to guess at, an analogy given to me by a “friend.”


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