Nanowrimo Day 13

OK, so it’s not as fun anymore. Today, I racked up 2,228. Which puts my total at 18,482, but it should be at 21,671. Basically 2 days to make up. And there may be 3 days over Thanksgiving weekend I won’t have access to a computer (one connected to the Internet anyway…too bad I don’t have one of those thumb drive thingies).

I’m starting not to like what I’m writing each day as much, feeling like I’m only writing some of it because I need to write. I question the believability and intelligence behind certain things I’m having the characters do and/or say. And one thing that’s always crept into anything I write that involves werewolves, but I worry over how well it’s executed–or even if it’s necessary–is writing from the wolf’s POV. Or, sort of. Trying to get the narration to take on the shape of what a wolf’s thoughts might be like. And then I have a conversation between a wolf and a raven that will probably look downright silly.

Well, just gotta keep going, and I’ll be able to have a better sense of how well it all fits together at the end.


One Response to Nanowrimo Day 13

  1. Angele Ellis says:


    Don’t brood over whether this first draft is perfect–or whether it makes perfect sense. (I think that the idea of a conversation between a wolf and a raven is intriguing.)

    I don’t know if you’ve seen Robert Altman’s “Nashville”–but the late Henry Gibson contributes a song called “Keep A-Goin'”:

    …Ain’t no use to sit and whine
    If a fish ain’t on your line
    Bait your hook and keep on tryin’
    Keep a-goin’…

    Angele ❤

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