Nanowrimo Day 19

Things are getting interesting again…. Today’s word count: 2,446 Total: 30,860 Should Be: 31,673

The scene I worked on yesterday and today is a pretty important scene, for a few reasons. But just as I said I felt hate for the one character, now I’m starting to feel a heavy sadness, mainly for the main character, but for some of the others as well….

Who knew that Nanowrimo would be such an emotional roller coaster?


3 Responses to Nanowrimo Day 19

  1. Angele Ellis says:

    You’re not really surprised that Nanawrimo is an emotional rollercoaster, are you? Art imitates life…you can’t go on, you’ll go on…

  2. Andrew Sydlik says:

    I guess I’m surprised because I don’t think I’ve ever felt this much for my characters before. Usually it’s poetry that stirs my emotions, not prose. And even then it’s usually because the “I” in the poem is basically me.

  3. Angele Ellis says:

    “Madame Bovary, c’est moi.”–Gustave Flaubert

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