Nanowrimo Day 23

And still keeping strong! Only one week to go, woohoo! Today’s count: 1,809 Total: 37,690 Should Be: 38,341

This novel is turning out to be a real emotional rollercoaster ride, both for me and for my characters. I just wrote perhaps the most disturbing scene the night before, and tonight perhaps the happiest scene. Of course, I was focusing on different characters. That’s one of the other fun things about this, doing the different sections focused on different people. Even though they’re all in third person, it helps me get inside their heads and also to develop action without having to have it “explained.”


One Response to Nanowrimo Day 23

  1. Angele Ellis says:

    Good job. And if the dial-up line to Natrona works, you should be able to maintain your pace until the end of Nanowrimo.

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